How to Train Your Dragon-Ride


This is a Previs/Techvis Experience created for How to Train Your Dragon. We used the Unity Engine to replicate the roller coaster in VR. In it LED Screens with media content and animated puppets were triggered. We created an intuitive UI that allowed the client to switch out media , and control when they would trigger or stop.


We worked with BOSA-VISUAL to develop this ride, BOSA provided story, high-rez assets and concept art from Dreamworks. Design for the ride wasn’t final. We helped design, modeled new areas, optimized all assets, and developed the Experience.

Sitting at the front of the roller coaster was very different from sitting at the back, this experience and tools were essential in the planning, and buy off phase of the ride, allowing our clients to create media that were the perfect length for the experience, and control it themselves instead of having to come back to us for repeated changes.


The Unreal Engine build we delivered allows you to view the roller coaster ride in a VR headset, switch between different seats, switch out media, change start and end points.

Felix Jorge