A Creative Agency powered by a Software Company.


Diverse team, bilingual in Film and Game development language.

Happy Mushroom founders come from different backgrounds but converge at the same place-using the Unreal Engine to tell compelling stories. Be it for film, games, or experiences, Happy Mushroom aims to bridge VFX and Game Tech. Internally at Happy Mushroom, we promote passion, health and mindfulness.



None-disclosed Project

Full Virtual Art Department team, powered by the Unreal Engine.


Jurassic World VR

Happy Mushroom had a full development team, in almost every creative department. We helped with the pitch, as well as deliver the final product.


Mouse Guard & Call of the Wild

We worked as a part of the Virtual Art Department, provided consultation around the Unreal Engine, lighting and rendering. We aided with some engineering.


NBA 2K20

Creative and Production leadership for 150 Min of In-Game Cut-scenes, full performance capture pipeline.


Tom Hanks | Play-tone Studios

We worked on previs for an Undisclosed Tom Hanks film. We also consulted their pipeline, and helped setup their Virtual Production.


Dreamworks Theme Park Attractions

We collaborated with Bosa-visual on multiple theme-park attractions. Amongst them we have Shrek, How to Train a Dragon, and Underworld.


Interactive Social Music

We managed the team for 3 months, and kicked off the studios talent, machines, and infrastructure for the project.


2Chainz Mobile VR

We created the entire experience, designed visuals, and delivered a functioning build to client.



Happy Mushrooms LEADERSHIP has worked together for over 10 years.


Felix Jorge | Creative Director + Founder

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Happy Mushroom, Felix Jorge is truly passionate and genuinely invested in creating story-driven interactive content using real-time workflows. Offering a deep understanding of the creative pipeline in Pre-Production, Production, and Post, Felix composes unique yet reliable solutions for clientele. Felix has worked on dozens of mega-blockbusters, with roots in previs, he moved into game engines in 2013, worked as the Virtual Art Department Supervisor on Jon Favreau’s : Jungle Book, managed a full development team during creating Jurassic World VR, and more. Felix has extensive knowledge managing teams within real-time VFX pipelines, creating story driven content, and troubleshooting live-action production problems with tech-vis.


Matt Greene | CTO + Founder

Matt Greene, Co-founder and CTO employs his vast experience in video game development to bring technical solutions to varied entertainment clientele. Whether the job calls for complex video game mechanics, project tools for optimization, or out of the box problem solving, Matt establishes time saving workflows and keeps a cool head under pressure. Matt is a VR Gameplay & tools engineer with 10+ yrs of experience in games, tv, pitches and VR. Former Senior Technical Artist at Riot Games, Turbine and Warner Brothers Interactive.


Safari Sosebee | Art Director + Founder

Co-Founder Safari Sosebee is highly focused on look-development for environments, characters and creatures. Trained in creating high and low resolution assets for both stylized and photo-realistic renderings, he’s worked as a matte painter, digital sculptor, and environment artist on a multitude of films and VR Experiences. Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Dark World, Harry Potter the Half-Blood Prince, and Jurassic World VR to mention a few. He’s an expert at lighting and shading for both real-time and traditional VFX pipelines, and has a passion for raising every projects quality bar to its highest potential.


Tom Armbruster | Head of Business Developement

Tom is charged with aggressively driving new business development for the company as well as building on the existing customer base. Tom provides two decades of technical sales experience/management and long-standing relationships within several industries including; feature film, video game development, TV/broadcast, virtual and augmented reality, automotive, and aerospace, with a particular emphasis on the visualization and human / machine interface. Key customers include: 2K Games, Activision, CBS TV, Digital Domain, Disney, DreamWorks Animation, ESPN, Industrial Light & Magic, Nickelodeon, Rockstar Games, SONY Pictures Imageworks, Warner Brothers, FORD Motor Company, Boeing, NASA and many others.


Patrick Scanlan | Animation Supervisor/Consultant

10+ yrs in film and game development, Pat’s a CG Generalist with his roots in animation and rigging. Most recently working as an animation supervisor on NBA 2K cinematics. Pat has vast experience working with Directors, production designers, and cinema as a whole. Pats been essential in delivering Award winning virtual reality experiences such as “Raising Rukus” and “Jurassic World VR”. Pats understanding of cinematography and digital workflows make him capable of problem solving complex creative/technical challenges.




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